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We do custom lighting in LED, T5, or a combination of both to suit your taste and needs, providing better lighting for your fishes, bringing out color or optimum growth of your live plants, live corals, and inverts.  


Need a stand or a hood but tired of the mass produced aquarium cabinetry? We can design and build one of a kind cabinets and hoods in any finish from black to redwood, cherry or oak. Check out this custom stand and floating canopy. The cabinet depicted here was built with doors on all three sides for better access to sump, skimmer, reactors, etc. 

Maintenance, Design & Installation

Ponds & Fountains

Every aquaria needs weekly or at least monthly maintenance, depending on size and livestock. Maintenance is required to keep livestock happy and thriving. We can maintain, redecorate, rejuvenate, diagnose and troubleshoot any issues in your aquaria. For a resonable fee, we will care for your aquaria from simple water changes to fully maintaining your aquaria so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your aquarium for hours of stress free pleasures.

Setting up an aquarium for the first time? Going away on vacation? Experiencing issues with disease or tank parameter? Need help moving an aquarium? Give us a call and let us help you! We can also design your dream aquarium and install it. 

Need Help with your pond? Is your pond water green? Give us a call. We are one of the few if not the only outfit that cares for ponds in the city of San Francisco. You can be assured that we will be ready and prompt to help with any emergencies. We can rejuvenate, clean and stock your pond. We can also find leaks and repair or replace most equipment for your pond. 

Call 628.336.0565

All photos of fish and live corals on this site are from aquaria and ponds under our care!

Text or call  628.336.0565

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