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About Us

ABC Aquatics will strive to provide an aquatic habitat that will provide hours of enjoyment. 


We have staff who have been avid aquarists for most of their lives, some with experience maintaining aquaria, professionally, for over three decades. We look at each new aquarium as another addition to our family.  We will care for and cherish your pets as if they were our own. We specialize in ALL freshwater and ALL marine aquariums including live coral reef tanks. 


We provide the following services: aquarium design, installation, maintenance and consultation for tropical fish, gold fish, marine fish, ponds and tropical fish breeding. 


Mission Statement


The mission of ABC Aquatic is to bring a little piece of paradise: the oceans or lakes to your home, office or place of business. 










All photos of fish and live corals on this site are from aquaria and ponds under our care!

Text or call  628.336.0565

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